From Policy Development to Finding Myself

My 5-day stay in the Local Government Academy is, indeed, a wonderful opportunity for me. It made me learn and realized a lot of things that won’t be captured if I opt to stay in the office.


1. I know what I wanted to do in the future. I wanted to be a training speaker capitalizing on skills not related in accounting. But, of course, I have to build up myself first before reaching that point. More books to read, maybe. More relevant course, or even building my empire. 😃

2. I am highly spirited on topics such as policy development, organizational improvement, etc. Maybe I am not really bound to be an accountant, and maybe in the future get a master’s degree on such area.

3. Ideas are expanded when shared. Teamwork really works. I had a great group. Everyone’s brilliant and I learned a lot from them. May naka-away nga lang ako dahil people with superior attitude will clash with someone with the same attitude.

4. There are no accidents. I shouldn’t be joining the training because I am not the most eligible person to attend. The training should be for Assistant Division Chiefs and there are around 5-7 positions between the ADC and me. I still remember last Friday nung sinabi nila na ako aattend. Nagtaray pa ako. “Sino na naman nagsali sakin dito?!” And I can still remember how my Chief Admin. Officer consoled me. Sabi nya, “Eto naman si Edna. You should be happy and proud na kapag may ganito, ikaw naiisip na ipadala. Maybe the management believes na may malaking input ka para dun.” And lately, I realized that he’s right. Maybe, just maybe, I am in the right season to attend this. And this is actually a blessing.

5. Breakfasts are best when you are alone. You can avoid petty talks that will tend to ruin your morning. Good thing, I have a different morning routine with my room mates. Paggising ko, jogging, then ligo and breakfast. Also, it is best to jog ALONE. You’ll think rightly in the morning. You can talk with the Lord about a lot of things that comes to your mind. Pag naiiyak ka, di rin halata kasi pawis na pawis ka. HAHAHA.

6. Poor internet connection is actually a blessing. I still have to go to a certain place to send emails and to browse my social media accounts. Medyo malayo sya sa room kaya medyo natatamad na din ako. So seldom lang ako makapunta dun. And poor internet connection makes me productive. Walang internet e. So…

– Natapos ko yung write ups ko. Yung mga assignments, pati na-polish ko yung policy paper.
– I read a lot of books. Dahil multi-reader talaga ako, nasa 4 yung libro na binabasa ko simultaneously. Plus, may isang audio book pa.
– When your mind is not distracted, you’ll have a clearer mind to think. I have aligned my mind with things that are really important. I have learned a lot about myself. I realized who are the people in my life that really matters. I even realized kung sino talaga ang gusto ko (secret nalang naming ng Lord yun. Pero hindi si Jay. kupoooooo. HAHAHAH). I prayed a lot and did my devotions. I learned from my devotions… so much.

7. I realized that my fave black training shoes is a traitor. Pag tatakbo ka, running shoes (di ko nadala kasi ). Pag gym, training shoes. Kapag nasa 5th km na ako ng pagtakbo, sumasakit lagi yung paa ko. So I just realized that when things are not meant for a certain thing, it won’t work. There’s a right match for everything. Kung paano nagmamatch ang blue sa orange. HAHAHAH. At kapag pinilit, someone will end up hurting.

8. Kapag pagod ka na, magpahinga. During our third day, may assignment kami to come up with our own policy paper. So pabibo ako, nagtrabaho ako until around 10pm. Nag start ako ng mga 2pm. Iniisip ko, kaya ko pa kasi usually natutulog naman ako ng 12 midnight. Pero around 10:30 wala na talagang lumalabas sa isip ko. Mental fatigue. Pati yung laptop ko pagod na din ata. Yung mata ko malabong malabo na. So I decided to sleep. Yung mga kasama ko, mukang wala pang balak matulog. So nag-alarm nalang ako ng 4am. Then, here comes 4am. Jogging then trabaho. I am so much amazed with my mind that morning. Ang bilis mag-isip. Organized. Rest is a must. Rest is not actually a luxury but a necessity.

Soooooooo… Salamat, Lord for this opportunity. Thank You for listening to me habang nandito. Being out of the civilization draws me so much nearer to You. Thank you for talking to me. Remember our kwentuhan about Peter nung naglakad sya sa tubig? Ang amazing nung experience. Thank You kasi dinala mo ako dito for a purpose. The experience helps me forgive myself and other people and to rest na din. Ganun.


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